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Ice Make Love

Posted by mb on August 10, 2010 at 6:59 AM

Ice Make Love


Summary: Gray secretly loves Natsu, but Natsu is too oblivious. Gray kidnaps Natsu and plans to get what he wants.


Rated NC-17


Pairing GrayXNatsu


I do not own Fairy Tail or its characters nor do I make money from this fanfiction


Natsu woke up on a soft bed. His body was bare and his hands were bound by ice. His legs were spread/forced apart and pinned with ice.


The pink haired male was pissed. “Gray is this you’re doing? This isn’t funny. Let me go.” Gray walked in, in nothing but his boxers. “Oh Natsu your awake great now the fun can begin.”


“Gray what the hell. Let me go so I can kick your ass. Damn it why can’t I use my fire magic on you?”


“Because that ice can’t be melted by fire and it drains fire users of their energy. So now you’re at my mercy.” Gray stated and removed his boxers, revealing his hard ten inch cock. Natsu gasped he had seen Gray naked before, hell every one had, but seeing him aroused was different.


Natsu’s own cock began to rise to its full length. “You like what you see? Knew you would.”


“I do not. Now let me go and put some clothes on you streakier.”


“Sorry Natsu I’ve come too far to stop now.” Gray got into bed and gripped Natsu’s cock. Natsu groaned slightly but fought against his bindings. Gray grinned and gave the cock a little squeeze. Natsu moaned and Gray groaned his own cock twitching. “You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this.” Gray started to stroke the pink haired man’s cock, causing Natsu to moan.


“Fuck Gray, stop it.”


“Hmm, you don’t like it?”


“No now let me go.”


Gray licked the pre-cum forming at the tip. “This says you like it, but maybe this is too soon you need a little more coaxing.”


“Damn it just le me…mpfh!?” Natsu was silenced by Gray’s lips. Natsu tried to fight him off, he gasped when he felt Grays tongue lick his lips. The tongue slipped inside. Natsu tried to bite down on the intruder but Gray pulled back. He smirked. “Looks like someone needs a little punishment.” He brought his hand down to the base of Natsu’s cock. “Ice Make Cock Ring.” A tight band of Ice formed around Natsu’s cock.

Natsu gasped in shock, and began to writhe in pain/pleasure as the cold ring constricted his heated cock. Gray started to squeeze and massage the head while his other hand played with Natsu’s sack. Natsu felt the pleasure build up inside of him. He could feel the tip of release but he couldn’t cum.


“Gray!” Natsu moaned.


“Now if you be a good little dragon slayer and don’t bite. I’ll let you cum.” Natsu whimpered, and nodded. Gray leaned down and kissed Natsu. Natsu moaned but didn’t kiss back.


Gray noticed this but didn’t stop. ‘Heh, soon he will be begging for my kiss.’ Gray’s hand moved along Natsu’s muscled body. One hand moved up to a cherry pink nipple and began to work it into a hardened peak. Natsu whimpered.


Gray broke the kiss and let Natsu breath. He loved the taste of Natsu’s mouth. He couldn’t explain the taste, but he guessed it was because of the fire Natsu ate. Gray didn’t care as long as he was the only one who got to taste it.


Gray trailed his tongue down Natsu’s neck, and licked at his scar, before going down to the erect nipple. He licked and sucked on it while using his other hand to make the other nipple erect. Natsu whimpered as his cock strained for release, but he was too proud to beg for it.


Gray’s own cock was leaking pre-cum against Natsu’s leg. Gray groaned, he needed to get off now or he wouldn’t last. He moved up straddling Natsu’s chest. Natsu looked up his eyes full of confusion and shock. Gray pushed his cock against Natsu’s lips. Natsu turned his head away.


Gray took hold of his chin and brought him to face his dripping dick.

“Take it in your mouth Natsu you get me to cum I will let you cum.” Natsu wasn’t sure, he didn’t want this but the pain in his cock was almost enough to make him open his mouth.


He forced his face out of Grays grip. Gray almost growled. He gripped Natsu’s pink locks and forced him to face his cock. He started to rub his cock against Natsu’s face. Natsu whimpered as Gray’s musk made his head spin. “You have two choices, suck me off or I jerk off in your face. One of those options gets you off, the other gets you a face full of cum. Your choice.”


Natsu opened his mouth and Gray smirked. He pushed the head into Natsu’s mouth and he nearly shot his load. Natsu’s mouth was hottt!!!


“Natsu use your tongue.” Natsu hesitantly licked the head getting his first taste of Gray’s seed. Gray started to push more of his cock into his mouth. Natsu licked each inch that was forced into his mouth.


Gray went slow letting Natsu adjust to each inch so he wouldn’t choke, but Gray was losing it. Each inch that went in to Natsu’s wet hot mouth was making him lose his mind.


When Natsu had taken him down to the root burying his face in his lower patch of black hair, Gray’s eyes rolled back as the intense heat enveloped his whole penis. “Suck on it Natsu and don’t stop licking.” He groaned out and pulled back slightly.


Natsu obeyed hoping this would be over soon. He started sucking on the hard member in his mouth lapping at it whenever he chose. Gray was going to lose it and started to thrust his cock in and out of Natsu’s mouth enjoying as his dick slid along the fire breathers tongue.


Gray felt himself burst and he pulled back to only his head. Natsu got ribbon after ribbon of cum into his mouth. He wanted to spit it out but Gray’s cock blocked the entrance and was still spraying the salty liquid. Natsu had only one option swallow or choke. He swallowed the seed.


Gray moaned a blush stained his cheeks. He pulled his limp penis out of Natsu’s mouth who took in a sharp breath. He smiled and gave Natsu a pat on the head. “Good little Salamander now that I got mine you can get yours.” Natsu growled but the sense of release was getting too much for him.


Gray moved down to Natsu’s erection and removed the ring and a heavy flow of pre-cum spilled from the tip. Gray licked his lips and took Natsu down to the root sucking the hard flesh and burying his face in Natsu’s pink lower hair. Natsu cried out as he came spraying his hot seed down Gray’s throat. Gray moaned and slowly milked him for everything he had.


Natsu was trying to catch his breath. Gray licked his lips hoping to saver the taste. The taste was something exotic to him. He wondered if this was what fire tasted like to Natsu. He grinned as he saw Natsu’s dazed pleasured face. ‘This little Salamander is mine at last.’


He lifted Natsu’s body up giving him better access to his ass. The Ice moved with Grays will, with a little magic he had Natsu’s legs locked, and his knees spread. “Gray, stop it, please.” Gray didn’t here Natsu’s plea he could only stare at Natsu’s body. His cock was hard again and was leaking pre-cum. His puckered entrance twitched.


Gray created an ice cube and placed it at Natsu’s hole. Natsu gasped as the cold cube was pushed inside him past his tight ring of muscle, his inner heat began to melt the cube. “Ahh.”


Gray continued to thrust his finger in and out of Natsu’s hole using the water as lube. “Natsu you have to relax your squeezing my finger so much it’s going to hurt when I enter you.” Natsu froze; he knew what Gray was planning to do. Igneel had taught him about mating and he felt a small spike of fear.


“Gray that’s enough if you don’t stop I’ll tell Ezra what you’re doing.” Gray stopped and removed his finger from Natsu.


Gray looked straight into Natsu’s eyes. “Go ahead and tell her.” Gray pushed another ice cube in Natsu and pushed two fingers inside of him.


“I will fight Ezra, Luxus, the old man and all of Fairy Tail to keep you. You don’t seem to get it I love you and I will prove it to you now.” Gray lubed his cock up with saliva and removed his fingers from Natsu’s hole.


Gray positioned his cock at Natsu’s entrance. “Alright here I go.” Gray slowly pushed his cock past the tight ring of muscle causing Natsu to hiss in pain. Natsu was shocked no stunned he barely felt the pain as Gray entered him slowly.


Gray felt amazing, as his cock was consumed inch by inch by Natsu’s tight heat. Gray’s eyes rolled up as he drooled. ‘Oh damn Natsu’s so hot inside, I feel like my cock’s going to melt.’


Natsu was stunned by Gray’s words but feeling Gray bury his cock to the hilt inside of him, caused a whimper to escape his lips. Gray smiled as Natsu twitched around him. He started moving going for slow hard thrusts Natsu seemed unresponsive at first the he heard a moan escape from Natsu’s lips.


Gray’s words finally sank in and he felt incredible warmth fill his body. Gray felt Natsu clamp down on him. “Oh shit fuck Natsu!!” Gray stilled inside Natsu and Natsu started to move his hips.


Gray could only stare. Natsu’s face was flushed and he was panting and whimpering, his cock was hard and leaking and his body was producing and incredible heat.


Gray started moving again finding it even more pleasurable as the friction and heat had increased. Natsu’s inner walls seemed to tighten up with each thrust, Gray moaned and he tried to quicken his pace but the friction was making him loose control.


Gray didn’t know what was happening until he felt Natsu’s legs wrap around him, apparently he lost control of the ice that had bound Natsu’s legs. He thought Natsu would try to fight him off but was happy when he was locked closer to the dragon slayer. Gray locked his gaze with Natsu’s searching for the answers.


“Did you really mean it?” Natsu asked staring into Gray’s eyes. “Did you mean what you said?”


“What?” Gray asked trying to understand.


“Do you really love me? Or are just saying that?” Gray groaned at Natsu’s question. Gray changed the angle of his thrusts to hit Natsu’s sweet spot. Natsu cried out in pleasure.


“Yes I love you, I didn’t realize it at first, and when I did I didn’t want to tell you. Then when I got up the courage to ask you out, you didn’t get it, I tried dropping hints to see if you would reject me but you just missed it. I needed you to know how I feel.”


Natsu was silent staring at Gray’s eyes so deep and full of emotion. “Let me go Gray so I can show you how I feel.” Gray was uncertain if he should but he couldn’t deny Natsu now, he revealed his feelings now he had to see if Natsu would accept him or kills him.


The ice binding Natsu’s hands vanished. Natsu wrapped his arms around Gray’s neck and pulled him down into a kiss. Gray gasped and Natsu deepened the kiss. Gray’s face turned red as he felt Natsu’s tongue explore his mouth. It didn’t take long for Gray to snap out of his shock and began to play with Natsu’s tongue.


The two moaned as they shared each other’s tastes. Gray had stilled his thrusts from the shock and Natsu started to move his hips. Natsu swallowed Gray’s groan and Gray started pounding away at Natsu’s ass.


Natsu arched his back and moaned a huge smile on his face. Gray smirked at Natsu’s face and quickened his pace. Natsu cried out Gray’s name and tightened around Gray.


“Fuck Natsu you’re so tight, are you ready to cum baby?” Gray reached down between their bodies and started stroking Natsu’s weeping arousal.


“Yes Gray so close it feels so good the man who loves me, his cock is stretching me out fucking me so deep, amazing, more please more.” Gray blushed and coated his hand in ice and stroked Natsu’s cock faster.


The feeling of ice on his heated cock made Natsu scream and his body jerked. Natsu came hard his seed splashing between the two sweaty bodies. An intense heat clamped down hard on Gray’s cock, Gray closed his eyes as he released moaning Natsu’s name.


Gray collapsed on top of Natsu and Natsu untangled his limbs from Gray. The two slowly caught their breath. Natsu had his eyes closed a huge smirk on his lips. “Gray, mark me as yours.” Gray opened his eyes and stared at Natsu in shock. “I want you. Please mark me.”


“You mean it Natsu, you’re not gonna regret it later?”


“Gray if meant everything you said to me, I won’t regret it, so I want you to mark me.” Natsu tilted his head back and gave Gray access to his neck. Gray licked his lips before he leaned down and latched his mouth over Natsu’s neck. He started licking cleaning the sweat from his neck, and then he started sucking. Natsu moaned and laced his fingers in Gray’s hair.


“Please Gray, mark me.” Gray bit down hard and channeled his magic into the wound. Natsu moaned as his magic circled them the two were hard in an instant. Natsu held onto Gray tightly and they came together. Their magic settled and Gray released Natsu’s neck.


The mark had taken form as a shard of ice with a small flame inside it. Natsu looked up at Gray. “I love you Gray, I wish I had realized it sooner. Can you forgive me?”


Gray stared in shock. ‘Yeah sure, since I practically raped you.’

“Of course Natsu.” Gray said blushing and Natsu shouted happily and hugged him.


Gray was very lucky that Natsu is quickly to forget small details when he gets happy. The next day Gray and Natsu told Fairy Tail about their relationship. They were both happy at how many members accepted them and the rest came around in time.


Gray sat on the bar stool in nothing but his boxers watching his lover show off their mark. All of a sudden Natsu ran over to Gray. “Gray I just remembered if you ever try binding me in ice again I’ll put a fire cock ring on you.”


Gray gulped. “Forgive me?” He pleaded.


“Hmm, maybe, if you make it up to me tonight.” Natsu crawled into his lap. Gray wrapped his arms around him. The two shared a passion kiss, and Gray never had to tie Natsu up ever again.


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